May 13, 2024
Danny O'Flaherty

With “Changes,” Danny O’Flaherty has created an outstanding addition to the genre of children’s music.  Many of these songs deal with complex subjects that are presented to young ears and minds in a gentle, understandable, and most of all inspiring way. Danny’s musicality and Gaelic charm bring joy from beginning to end.  This album should be cherished by children and adults alike.  Timeless.

Bravo, Danny!  An exceptional work!

CHAD MITCHELL of the Chad Mitchell Trio

Track List

  1. Come Kinder
  2. Heroes of our Lives
  3. Every Child’s a Star
  4. Yes I Can
  5. Angel for your Pocket
  6. Children’s Festival
  7. Scarecrow
  8. Season’s
  9. Changes
  10. Words of a Child
  11. Light from the Lighthouse
  12. Daisy’s Wish
  13. Leprechaun
  14. Pitter Patter

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