Listen to the Wind

May 20, 2024
Danny O'Flaherty
I’ve always felt how lucky I was growing up in Connemara in the fifties.  To me, it was the last decade of the old ways.  We were so much in tune with nature and had so much respect for the land and sea.  We were a young country then, almost free at last, coming into our own–but all that changed with the advent of electricity coming in the sixties–and of course that once channel TV.  T0 me that started the slippery slope of Humanity, our human radars are not in use anymore and we’re out of touch with Mother Earth.  There was a time when we knew where the wind was coming from, unfortunately, that’s not the way of the world now.  
I hope it’s not too late to relearn who we are and know which direction the wind is coming from and listen… Listen to each other… Listen to the Earth…Listen to everyone. Just listen.
God Bless,
Track List
  1.  Old Friends (Will Never Fade Away)
  2. Inish Bofin
  3. Highways to Hope
  4. Listen to the Wind
  5. Spinning Wheel
  6. Patsy Keane
  7. Valley of the Unicorns
  8. Beware of the Banshee Clown
  9. Siochain San Domhain
  10. Under Ancient Trees
  11. Journey Through Time
  12. Talkin’ to Yourself
  13. Christmas Prayer
  14. Angels in Twilight
  15. Children of War

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