Live at O’Flaherty’s Volume 4 – The Celtic Folk

August 9, 2006
Danny O'Flaherty

Here’s a collection of songs, stories, and good humor in one of the rarest recordings in the ballad room at O’Flaherty’s in New Orleans.

Special thanks to Brendan Scott, Erin Seidiman, and Misha Kashkashkishivili for making this special night memorable and for you the audience–this wouldn’t be the same.

For almost sixteen years you’ve made every night in the ballad room very special–thank you for the memories.


Track List

  1. Darby Day in Ireland
  2. Traveling Man
  3. Old Dun Cow
  4. Loch Ness Monster
  5. Erin
  6. Dunne Song
  7. Angus
  8. Dear Boss
  9. O’Hooligan’s Ball
  10. Irish, They Drink Water
  11. Steve O’Donnell’s Wake
  12. October Roses
  13. Jigs
  14. Pub with no Beer
  15. Bleann an Bo
  16. The Keeper

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