Love Songs

May 13, 2024
Danny O'Flaherty

Memories keep the heart alive; death comes when we remember no more.

We nurture love when we recall tender moments shared; such moments of wonder tug at our heart, urging us to create new memories of love.

Gifted singer/songwriter Danny O’Flaherty’s Gaelic soul soars on every passionate note in this tribute to loves lost, loves found, and loves fondly remembered.

Track List

  1. Gift of Love
  2. Blushing Bride
  3. Annie Laurie
  4. Dear Sarah
  5. Carrickfergus
  6. Remember
  7. Rainbow Flight
  8. Peggy Gordon
  9. Lakes of Ponchartrain
  10. Lady from Bendigo
  11. Missy
  12. Will You Go, Lassie Go

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