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An Evening at O’Flaherty’s


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“Hurricane Katrina may have taken O’Flaherty’s and our Ballad Room from us, but she couldn’t take our music.”

In going through some of the things we were able to get out of O’Flharty’s, I came across some old tapes.  I had no idea what was on them, so I sent them to my good friend, Joe Hannigan, who has a recording studio in Philadelphia.

A week later I got a call from Joe.  By a very happy coincidence, I had stumbled across the master tapes.  Joe told me they contained the first recordings we made in the Ballad Room back in 1991, originally released as the “Live From O’Flaherty’s” tapes.  They also contained other songs that had never been released.

I decided to take advantage of this great stroke of luck by combining the songs into a double CD after Joe remixed and re-mastered them.  The sound is terrific.  I hope you will enjoy these CD’s and that they bring back happy and fond memories.


The Ballad Room has that wonderful distinctive Irish atmosphere which can only be found in the motherland.  This selection of folk music will take you into the ballad room atmosphere at O’Flaherty’s.  They will make you reflect on the past, the joy of living, and the hope of the future.  Also lending their talents to this album, Kenny Kosek, fiddle extraordinaire; Robin James Jones, concept harpist, and our loyal friends whose rapturous voices can be heard on the chorus of many of these songs.  For making this a very special evening, we sincerely thank you.
Noel Nash, 1991
Track List (Disc One)
  1. Nenagh Fair
  2. New Basin Canal
  3. Lady Liberty
  4. Brid Og Ni Maille
  5. Galway Rover
  6. Make Me Cry
  7. Trip to the Zoo
  8. Reels Solo
  9. Shaney Boy
  10. Garden Song
  11. Brennon On the Moor
  12. Morning Glory
  13. Harp Solo
  14. Roddy McCorley
  15. Irish Rover
  16. Blushing Bride

Track List (Disc Two)

  1. Henry Joy
  2. Connemara Cradle Song
  3. Banks of the Roses
  4. Roses of Prince Charlie
  5. Bonnie Connie Tyler
  6. Accordion Solo
  7. Ladies of the Harem
  8. Walzing with Bears
  9. Windmills
  10. Turning Towards Morning
  11. Home Boys, Home
  12. Lion of Ireland
  13. Life of a Tailor
  14. Minstrel Boy
  15. Here’s to Time


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