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The Monster Picnic


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When we wrote “The Loch Ness Monster’s Storybook”, we wanted children to try and understand how important it was to help one another, to respect the world we live in, and how one “Family” could make a difference!

This led to our recording of The Monster Picnic.  We hope that the children and their moms and dads enjoy singing along together.  The other songs are based on fairy tales, sea creatures, and other animals on our planet.

We hope you enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it for you.  

We want to thank all the musicians, St. Rosalie Middle School, Little Oak Middle School, and a very special thanks to Misha for his creativeness and hard work.  To our own families, thank you for your support.

We hope this CD will bring you joy and inform us all about our fragile planet.

God Bless,

Danny and Khaetidawne

Track List

  1. Magic in the Air
  2. Nessette & Nestor’s Song
  3. The Monster Picnic
  4. Baby Brothers Coming Soon
  5. Sleepy, Sleepy
  6. The Leprechaun
  7. Magic Dancing Dragons
  8. The Big Blue Sea
  9. Buck & Emma
  10. The Silver Seahorse
  11. Waltzing with Blue
  12. Yellow Bus to the Zoo
  13. Farewell Song


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